A premium sporting agency offering bespoke services to shooting clients and estate managers

Siparium Sporting aims to provide our shooting clients with the best sporting experiences available. By offering a range of shooting opportunities - from our varied roving syndicate, through our enjoyable walk one-load one days, all the way through to fully bespoke team days - we hope to help you have the best day out in the field.


Services we offer to our clients include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Letting Shooting - if you own or run a shoot and would like us to help you to find new clients, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We love working with friendly and professional high quality shoots. Even if you only occasionally have a day available, we're sure we can help.

  • Roving Syndicate - our roving syndicate is a great way to enjoy a fantastic day of shooting at some of the best shoots in the country. We aim to have a range of days to suit all desires and budgets, though we pride ourselves on our 100-150 bird days.

  • Bespoke Team Days - whatever your needs, we can arrange a day to suit you. We work with grouse moors, high pheasant shoots, and traditional partridge shoots. Whether you're getting together with old friends, or trying to close a deal, we can work with top-drawer shoots to put on the right day for you.

  • Shoot Consultancy - we can help you develop your shoot into something really special. Whether you want it to bring in some revenue, or would like it to work better with your agricultural enterprises we can help you develop new strategies.

  • Recruitment - if you need staff for your estate, we can help you find the right people.

  • Apprenticeships - we are working in partnership with Hartpury College to develop and deliver the UK's highest quality gamekeeping apprenticeship.

Who we are:

Simon Griffiths

Managing Director & Sporting Agent


Simon founded Siparium Sporting as a part of the Siparium Entertainment family in 2012. A very keen shot, he attended the Royal Agricultural College following service in the Royal Navy and Foreign Office. Combining his experience in the field with his company’s expertise in hospitality and entertainment, a sporting agency seemed like a natural progression.


Simon enjoys all shooting - game and clays - though would probably argue that he does too little of all types! Whilst he is very adept at bringing down pheasants, his favourite quarry has to be the twisting and turning partridge.

Andrew Consett

Sporting Agent


Andrew joined Siparium Sporting at the start of 2015. He has a true passion for the countryside and the sporting world and attended the Royal Agricultural University. He has extensive knowledge of UK shooting and sport, ranging from grouse in Yorkshire to partridges in Essex, and from high Yorkshire pheasants to  the delights of stalking and shooting in the Scottish Highlands.


With strong Yorkshire roots, Andrew's great experience of organising and running sporting events will serve the agency well. His ability to tailor each event perfectly will delight clients, as he always aims to make every day unique and special.


Cowley House | 12 Black Jack Street | Cirencester | GL7 2AA

Tel: 07940 808452

Email: info@sipariumsporting.com