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Grouse are truly the king of game birds. They present challenging, low-flying targets at speeds that other British game birds can never hope to match. From the Glorious Twelfth in August until December 10th, stunning upland moors play host to this stunning sport.










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Partridge & Pheasant


Partridge and pheasant offer excellent sport. We're delighted to offer some fantastic opportunities suitable for a range of abilities and requirements. Working with some of the grandest estates in the country, as well as high quality small shoots, means we can arrange almost any type of day. If we don't have a suitable date or location for your group we may be able to put together a bespoke day based on your specific requirements.














































































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Snipe & Woodcock


We are also able to find snipe and woodcock shooting for guns looking for something a little different and incredibly challenging.  We are very careful when selecting our snipe and woodcock shoots, ensuring they offer a high quality day whilst shooting sustainably for the populations in their area.


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Foulden, Norfolk
Date Bag Cost +VAT Notes
1st October 200-250 partridge £30 /bird Team
12th November 200-250 mixed £30 /bird Team
17th November 200-250 mixed £30 /bird Team
Upsall & Kirby Knowle, North Yorkshire
Date Bag Cost +VAT Notes
21st October 150-250 £34 /bird Team
11th November 150-250 £34 /bird Team
2nd December 150-250 £34 /bird Team
6th January 150-250 £34 /bird Team
17th January 150-250 £34 /bird Team
20th January 150-250 £34 /bird Team
Grinkle Park, North Yorkshire
Date Bag Cost +VAT Notes
9th December 150 partridge £38 /bird Team
10th December 200 mixed £38 /bird Team
3rd January 150 mixed £38 /bird Team
19th January 150 mixed £38 /bird Team
Wykeham, North Yorkshire
Date Bag Cost +VAT Notes
5th September partridge ~ Team
October mixed ~ Various dates available
14th November mixed ~ Team
19th December mixed ~ Team
29th December mixed ~ Team
January mixed ~ Various dates available
Heveningham Hall, Suffolk
Date Bag Cost +VAT Notes
Various 200+ mixed £34 /bird Various dates available
Fife, Scotland
Date Bag Cost +VAT Notes
Early Season 100-300 mixed £27 /bird Various dates available
Littlebury Shoot, Essex
Date Bag Cost
Various 200+ mixed £36 /bird No VAT payable
Melmerby Moor, Pennines
Date Bag Cost +VAT Notes
6th October 60-70 brace £1,350 /gun Grouse / 5 guns remaining


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